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Private Equity

Search for Assets/ Portfolios
Breslin’s private equity team provides assistance for locating, sourcing and selecting quality opportunities in order to build outstanding, high growth potential investments for clients. Breslin  has worked for major international investment operators to facilitate more than 80 investments. Breslin’s advisors have extensive experience, sourcing and managing investments and portfolios. Breslin’s skill for deal sourcing can be attributed to the understanding of broad market trends, experience in managing risks and understanding investment needs.

Due Diligence
Poor investment decisions will result in seriously adverse impacts on returns. Private equity investment requires an in depth and thorough due diligence process to confirm or disprove the viability of an investment. To screen potential investment candidates, Breslin performs due diligence process involving extensive research and analysis of the funds and portfolio managed, the management team and past performance.

Support Investee companies
Breslin has represented a considerable number of top tier management personnel to offer advice during negotiations to secure assets and improve company portfolios. Breslin’s specialists support companies through all stages of the investment cycle helping to secure funding. Breslin can help clients with the legal and regulatory aspects of fund structuring and capital-raising in addition to guidance through early stage, expansion and later stage capital investments.  Breslin’s expertise has been gained by negotiating a number of large and complex transactions.

Breslin commits considerable resources to researching potentially attractive investment and partnership opportunities. Breslin’s experienced private equity team provides in depth, fundamental research for investors making new commitments to private equity, venture and buyout investors raising funds, companies receiving financing and deal sourcing.

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