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Life Sciences

Our advisors have over 120 years collective life science, finance, commercialization and entrepreneurial experience. Drawing on the experience of its team, Breslin provides expert corporate development and corporate finance services to companies in the core areas of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic, Device and IT industries.

Sector coverage
Much of the recent success of the Pharmaceutical industry can be attributed to the forging of company alliances. In the last 12 years, Pharma-Pharma and Pharma-Biotech collaborations have increased 10 fold culminating in over 600 deals being made in 2005. According to estimates, licensing deals in 2010 will grow to become the largest driver for big Pharmaceutical companies, with expectations that almost 50% of revenues in major Pharma will emerge from licensed compounds by 2005-2010. Breslin provides services for Pharmaceutical companies looking to expand research and development and product portfolios.

A core of Breslin’s clients are small to mid size Biotech companies. It’s no secret that Biotech-Biotech and Biotech-big Pharma deals are increasing in numbers and size. We provide services to assist Biotech companies in Corporate Partnering, In-/ Out- licensing, Fund Raisings, Strategic Alliances, M&A, IPO placements, Due Diligence, Restructuring and Exit management. Breslin provides support on strategic and operational issues to drive the development and enhance the value of Biotech Companies.

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
Rapid advances in technology are providing platforms for the accelerated growth currently enjoyed by the Medical Device and Diagnostic industry. Breslin’s strength in Diagnostic and Devices includes partnerships with leading Global Diagnostic companies, in addition to over 40 years of experience in the Medtech industry.

Breslin’s offers business development and finance services for the technology industry. Breslin serves new ventures, existing small businesses and innovative technology companies by providing support for in and out licensing of technology, technology collaborations, fund raisings, M&A Due Diligence, IPO placements, restructuring and exit management.

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