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About us
Breslin Biotech AG
   Investment Strategy



      Investment Process


Investment Process

Business plan presentation and initial screening of proposal (technology, markets, management)

Due diligence
- Corporate review with history and structure
- Technology and product evaluation
- Detailed market analysis
- Management team evaluation
- Due diligence of financial plans
- Legal issues, patents and risk analysis
- Proven need for further capital 

Deal structuring
- Company valuation
- Capital needs
- Terms of investment 

Management of investments
BRESLIN BIOTECH AG offers various operating and strategic guidance skills, e.g., representation on the board, management recruiting, financial relationships, scientific know-how transfer (see Breslin AG).

Exits and realisation of investments
BRESLIN BIOTECH AG supports identification and establishment of valuable investment exit strategies through their worldwide networks in the scientific and financial communities (see Breslin AG).

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