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About us
Breslin Biotech AG
   Investment Strategy



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Targeted Life Science Areas
BRESLIN BIOTECH AG invests capital together with its financial partners in all sectors of life sciences, including the following with a main focus on drug R&D companies:

     - Biopharmaceuticals and therapeutics: drug research, discovery, development and delivery
     - Technology platforms that enable biotech/pharma to improve or accelerate drug development
       (e.g., genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics)
     - Diagnostics (medicine, environment, food)
     - Service providers and Contract Research Organizations
     - Medical devices and healthcare
     - Agricultural, food and environmental products, services and projects

Geographic Focus
BRESLIN BIOTECH AG anticipates continued strong growth in the European biotech industry and focuses on European life science companies.

Investment Stage
BRESLIN BIOTECH AG invests in companies at any development stage (seed, start-up, early-, medium- and later-stage development and expansion, spin-out/management buy-in/management buy-out). BRESLIN BIOTECH AG focuses on medium and later stage development companies, but directs also selected efforts to find promising start-up or early-stage companies.

Size of Investment
Investment decisions of BRESLIN BIOTECH AG are based on growth potential, and size of investment typically ranges from $1M to $5M, occasionally higher with involvement of selected financial players.

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