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35 Years of Biotechnology
Biotechnology started in the early 1970's with the discoveries of recombinant DNA and monoclonal antibodies. 35 years of Nobel Prize quality scientific advances and entrepreneurial enterprise have built an entire new industry with thousands of companies in the US, Europe and elsewhere, employing hundredthousands of talented professionals and frontier scientists.
Successful new business models evolved for the scientific and financial needs of this industry including technology platforms, alliances with big pharma, and hybrid models for internal product development supported by revenue flows from technology licenses.

Biotech becomes a mature industry
Many biotech companies now have huge cash reserves, state-of-the-art technology platforms and growing pipelines, with scientific fundamentals improving constantly. The proteomics revolution is exploding delivering extraordinary results daily. Functional genomics, biochips and high-throughput biology, computational proteomics, new frontiers in equipment, instrumentation and bioinformatics, and systems biology will rapidly produce insights into the causes of disease, leading to new therapies and ultimately personalized diagnosis and treatment.

Why investments in Biotechnology ?
The returns on investments in biotech companies can be extraordinary and the industry is generally insulated from economic cycles.

• Valuations of companies have adjusted recently to more reasonable levels, especially for European companies.

• Big pharma is investing heavily in biotech companies and technology platforms.

• Opportunities are increasing in the European sector as it catches up with the US - in number of companies including leaders in their fields, in market capitalizations and investor interest. Europe has produced strong centres of excellence with technology transfer and incubator facilities.

• Many European companies have solid fundamentals for sustained long-term growth and   profitability.

BRESLIN BIOTECH AG offers a unique combination of an experienced Swiss-based advisory and management team and a distinguished global team of scientific advisors.

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